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Sep 15 '14

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Sep 15 '14

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Sep 15 '14
Find someone who would not let go of you so easily.
— A piece of advice (via pressing)

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Sep 15 '14
Childish Gambino - Sober [rough] (Kauai)

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Sep 15 '14
and uh yeah
— every student at the end of their presentation (via sassykardashian)

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Sep 12 '14


Napp, Norway

68°07’53.7”N 13°17’50.8”E

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Sep 12 '14


Don’t date someone you wouldn’t own a dog with

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Sep 12 '14
Trainspotting dir. by Danny Boyle

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Sep 12 '14

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Sep 12 '14
I tried so fucking hard to be the one person you could count on but you gave up on me before I could even wrap my arms around your broken body.
— EY (via kaytay402)

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